venerdì 19 agosto 2016

Scoop and The City, Internationals Fashion Shows

hello everyone.
if someone follow me on Snapchat, probably you have seen my snap about Scoop Internationals Fashion Shows.
I went to the show two weeks ago and today I want to share some pictures about the events.
if you don't know a lot about the show, Scoop and The City is a dynamic and creative fashion industry event with more than 200 premium, directional and contemporary collections.
The show is unique crew-pollination of fashion, fine jewellery and accessories.
I enjoyed a lot and I found such great brands, some more known and some less but anyway very interesting.
The best way to discover more about British and International fashion brands.
now, it's time to show you pictures from the events.
have fun;-)

lunedì 15 agosto 2016

Huge Zara dress for warm day in the city

Hello everyone.
I know that today in Italy is holiday and I hope you'll have a great time.
every time I write the same thing, but one more time I'm so sorry for my inconstancy to write on my blog but in London the life is so frenetic, busy and quickly and some time it's very difficult to follow everything that I would like to.
anyway, today I share one comfy outfit, in which I wear a very huge Zara black dress.
black and white is always perfect, for any occasions and I love so much wear these colors.
Gucci Bamboo to complete the outfit with a touch of glam and sandals KJ St. Tropez for comfortable walking around center of the city.
I suggest that kind of outfit for every warm day if you don't want wear shorts.
Huge dress is the best substitute of it, isn't it?
Hope you'll like it.

Have a great time..and enjoy your Ferragosto in the best way that you can do!!;-)

lunedì 1 agosto 2016

Sunday Casual Outfit #2

good morning guys and welcome back on my blog.
I'm so sorry for the last two weeks in which I did share anything but I was on holidays in Italy and then I started to work in London and now, I'm so busy!!!
anyway, today I want to show one perfect outfit to wear during the week end. (The second weekend's outfit, the first one you can find here)
keywords: casual and comfortable.
In this outfit I was wearing MaxMara sweater, so right for the summer in London, Don Dup jeans and slip on, bought at Primark.
Do you want to know how much it costs? ....... 4£!!! and it is so comfy!

have a nice day!!!

martedì 19 luglio 2016

Biopoint Products, the perfect allies for your skin

It's time to summer holidays and everyone needs a perfect product for protecting its skin.
Biopoint products are absolutely amazing.
I am trying them and I am so satisfied for the result on my skin.
I am too white (in London it is very difficult, almost impossibile, sunbathe) but now I'm on holidays in my hometown and I'm too excited to be tanned.
What is my favorite products? Biopoint, of course!
I use these creams in my first days on the beach, and I can guarantee with certain a perfect uniform tan.
do you know, and have you ever try these products?
I suggest them.

Cream high protection 30
Cream protection 10
NEW FORMULA: Cream for hair to protect the color.
Spray on Oil 

have a nice day.

giovedì 14 luglio 2016

Sunday Casual Outfit

I know that in Italy it's too hot, but here in London the summer doesn't want to come so I need to think non exactly at summer outfit.
because I don't want to forget the fashion side, every time when I decide the outfit, I try to mix comfortable and practice look with, obviously, a touch of fashion. 
In this case, for spending Sunday afternoon at the park, I've chosen a casual outfit -as usual- in which I wear ripped jeans, basic printed t-shirt, and boyfriend-large shirt.
Can't miss my amazing yellow bag, new entry by L'Autre Chose.
I suggest this kind of outfit for walking in the park or for a day-off around the city.

have a nice day!!

martedì 12 luglio 2016

Trend SS2016: Backpack

Hi guys!
today I want to share with you one of my favorite trend, like an obsession for me, for this SS2016.
what I'm talking about?
Backpack, of course.
practise, comfortable and absolutely perfect for Cities, like London, Milan, Paris etc.
Obviously, I couldn't miss this trend and the backpack, that you see in pictures, is a birthday gift from my boyfriend... (I'm so grateful that I have a boyfriend that knows so well my style!!)
also, the backpack is amazing with different outfit, in particular I really love it in a casual-chic look, like this, with bell-bottom jeans, platform sandal and fringe gilet.
I share with you some pictures of my outfit, and some propose of backpack, from cheaper to more expensive brand.
now, you can choose your favorite!

Stella McCartney

what do you prefer?
Have a nice day!!!

giovedì 7 luglio 2016

Tesori d'Oriente, summer 2016 Shower Cream and Perfume Aromatic

buongiorno a tutti!
torniamo a parlare di bellezza e cura del corpo, e dopo avervi mostrato diversi prodotti firmati Korff, oggi è il momento di mostrarvi la nuova collezione lanciata da Tesori d'Oriente per questa stagione SS2016.
ed ecco quindi i nuovi prodotti Bagno & Corpo, capaci di offrire ad ogni donna la possibilità di ricreare, a casa propria, un'esperienza sensoriale verso il benessere di corpo e mente. Tesori d'Oriente è stato creato per trasformare la cura della persona in un autentico rituale di bellezza, fatto di profumi unici, preziosi, 
ingredienti ed emozioni rigeneranti, come un viaggio senza fine.

good morning!!!
coming back to speak about skin care, today I want to share with you some new product by Tesori d'Oriente, launched for this Summer 2016.
New products: Shower Cream and Perfume with a different aromatic fragrance.
They revitalize and refreshe the whole body, providing a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Doccia Creama Aromatico: Rosa nera e Labdano.
e profumo aromatico nella stessa fragranza.

Una fragranza lussuosa e sognante che evoca l'antica città di Bisanzio.
Il profumo di Rosa Nera viene accarezzato dalle note calde del Labdano per dare origine ad un'essenza ammaliante.
Questi prodotti detergono con dolcezza lasciando la pelle morbida ed idratata.

Shower Cream: Black Rose and Labdanum
Aromatic Perfume with the same fragrance.

 A luxurious and dreamy fragrance that evokes the ancient of Byzantium.
The scent of Black Rose is caressed by warm notes of Labdanum to give rise to a charming and may side-essence.
This Aromatic Shower Cream gently cleanses, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.
Doccia Crema Aromatica: Legno di Guajaco e pepe nero,
e profumo aromatico in combinazione.

Un profumo intenso e suggestivo, caratterizzato da morbidi sentori del pregiato Legno di Guajaco e dalle calde sensuali note di Pepe Nero.
Questa doccia aromatica rivitalizza e rinfresca tutto il corpo, promuovendo una sensazione di piacevole benessere.

Shower Gel Cream: Guanaco Wood and Black Pepper.
Aromatic Perfume with the same fragrance.

An intense and evocative perfume, characterized by soft hints of precious Guanaco Wood and the warm and sensual notes of Black Pepper.
This Aromatic Shower Gel revitalizes and refreshes the whole body, providing a pleasant feeling of well-being.

buona giornata!!

Have a nice day!!

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